Why hiring too many smart people can kill your team's performance?

When youre building a team, its tempting to hire the smartest people you can find. After all, you want a team that can solve complex problems quickly and efficiently.

But hiring too many smart people can actually kill your teams performance. Heres why: 1. Smart people are often individualists. Individualists are great at coming up with creative solutions to problems, but theyre not so great at working in teams. Theyre often more concerned with their own ideas and agendas than with the teams goals. 2. Smart people are often overconfident. Overconfidence can lead to major problems in a team setting. People who are overconfident are more likely to make mistakes and to ignore the input of others. 3. Smart people are often resistant to change. Change is essential for any team that wants to be successful. But smart people are often resistant to change, because theyre comfortable with the way things are. They may see change as a threat to their own ideas and agendas. 4. Smart people are often inflexible. Flexibility is key in a team setting. With so many people working together, there are bound to be disagreements. But inflexible people are unwilling to compromise, which can lead to major conflict. 5. Smart people are often perfectionists. Perfectionism can be a major hindrance to a teams progress. Perfectionists are never satisfied with anything less than perfection, which can delay decisions and slow down the team. 6. Smart people are often egocentric. Egocentric people are more concerned with their own needs and goals than with the needs and goals of the team. This can lead to conflict and resentment within the team. 7. Smart people are often difficult to manage. Smart people are often difficult to manage because theyre used to being in charge. They may have trouble taking direction from others, and they may be resistant to change. Hiring too many smart people can kill your teams performance because they often lack the ability to work well in teams. They may be individualists, overconfident, resistant to change, inflexible, perfectionists, egocentric, or difficult to manage. If you want a team thats successful, its important to hire people who are smart and team-oriented.