Why do women's clothes have no pockets?

There are a number of reasons why women's clothes have no pockets. One reason is that pockets bulk up the silhouette of a garment, making it less flattering. Additionally, pockets can add unnecessary weight to a garment, making it less comfortable to wear. Pockets can also interfere with the drape of a garment, making it look less smooth and polished.

Another reason why women's clothes have no pockets is that they are often seen as being unnecessary. Most women carry their belongings in a purse or bag, so they don't need the extra pockets. Additionally, many women's garments are form-fitting, so pockets would simply add unnecessary bulk.

Some people believe that the lack of pockets in women's clothing is a result of sexism. Historically, women have been seen as property of their husbands or fathers, and their clothing has reflected this. Women's clothes have often been designed to be impractical and uncomfortable, in order to keep them from straying too far from home. While this may not be the explicit reason why women's clothes have no pockets today, it is certainly possible that the legacy of sexism has contributed to the lack of pockets in women's clothing.

Whatever the reason, the lack of pockets in women's clothing can be frustrating. It's often difficult to find a place to put your phone, keys, or other belongings when you're out and about. And, if you do manage to stuff your belongings into your pockets, they often end up looking lumpy and unattractive.

There are a few companies that are trying to change the status quo by creating clothes with pockets for women. These companies are creating garments that are both stylish and functional, and it's hoped that they will eventually become the norm. In the meantime, however, women will just have to keep carrying their belongings in their purses or bags.


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