Why universe is black?


There are a few different reasons why the universe might appear black to us. One reason is that the universe is expanding. This means that the light from distant objects is stretched out and becomes less intense as it travels to us. Additionally, the universe is filled with dust and gas, which can absorb light and make it harder for us to see things that are far away.

Another reason why the universe appears black is because of the way our eyes work. Our eyes are only sensitive to a limited range of wavelengths of light, and most of the light in the universe is outside of this range. This means that we can't see most of the light in the universe, and it appears black to us. Lastly, it's possible that the universe is actually filled with light, but it's just very dim. This could be because the universe is old and the light has had a long time to travel and spread out. Alternatively, it could be because the universe is expanding so quickly that the light can't keep up and it gets redshifted into the infrared, which our eyes can't see.