Why physic laws respect mathematics?


This is a deep question that has puzzled philosophers and scientists for centuries. One possible answer is that our universe is fundamentally mathematical in nature, and that the laws of physics are simply a reflection of this underlying reality.

It is also worth noting that the laws of physics are often expressed in the language of mathematics, which makes it easier for us to understand and work with them. Additionally, the use of mathematical models and equations allows us to make predictions about the behavior of physical systems, which is a key part of scientific experimentation. Ultimately, the reason why physics respects mathematics is an open question that may never be fully resolved. However, it is clear that the two disciplines are deeply intertwined, and that our understanding of the universe would be greatly limited without the use of mathematics.


  1. What l really understand the universe is virtually forming in the mathematical order because all matters in the cosmic have electrical properties negative and positive that create gravitation as magnet and spark....

    1. all notations in physics are about a model that is expressed with some mathematics model.


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